The turnover process cannot be rushed. While you are likely eager to get a new tenant in place as quickly as possible, you won’t be successful in finding that tenant if you haven’t properly prepared your Dallas-Fort Worth rental property. You’ll need to take care of any wear and tear items that occurred during the previous tenancy. If there was damage caused by the tenant who has left, you’ll need to repair that as well. 

Maintenance is required, but if you really want to attract the best possible tenant and the highest possible rents, you’ll take some steps to improve your property between tenants. Here are a few things we recommend to spruce up your Dallas-Fort Worth rental before you begin marketing it to new potential renters

Consider your Curb Appeal

Spruce up the exterior of your property first, so prospective tenants will find it attractive and welcoming. Perhaps you need some power washing or fresh paint on the door. If there is grass, is it healthy and short? Trim any bushes and tree branches away from the property and make sure the gutters have been cleaned out. 

Curb appeal translates to your first impression. How will tenants feel when they arrive for their showing? Will they be eager to enter the home or wondering if they’ve made a mistake? Invest in some landscaping, cleaning, and even updated lighting around the porch and any outbuildings such as garages in order to enhance aesthetics and security. 

Fresh Paint for Dallas-Fort Worth Rental Homes

Instead of trying to get away with touch-up paint around these small nail holes or areas where there are scuff marks and fading, paint the whole wall. When you give your entire property a coat of fresh paint, tenants are likely to notice. The entire home will feel newer and cleaner. Keep the colors neutral, but don’t feel like you have to stick with the same blinding white color on every wall. Experiment with eggshell shades or even beige or grey. 

Paint, like everything else, has become more expensive. Budget for this so you don’t have to choose cheap paint that won’t hold up to a new set of tenants moving in. 

Spruce Up Rental Property Flooring 

Clean CarpetFloors can be a headache. If you have carpet, you’ll definitely want to have the carpet professionally cleaned, at the very least. Replace the carpet if it’s looking worn or there are stains that simply cannot be removed. 

Another good option is to pull out the carpet and invest in hard surface flooring, at least in the living room, dining area, and other common areas. This will be incredibly attractive to your new tenants. Hard surface flooring is easier to maintain. It’s more attractive than dull carpet, and it’s also healthier. Carpet fibers do a great job of trapping allergens, odors, dust, and evidence of pets. You don’t have to invest in bamboo hardwoods. There are some great laminate options and faux wood floors that will really upgrade the appearance of your property. 

These are three easy tips that we recommend for sprucing up your property between tenants. If you have questions or need help with property management in Dallas-Fort Worth, please contact us at Assign Property Management. 

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