How can you make sure that your marketing photos get the attention that you want them to when tenants are scrolling through listings? How can you be sure prospective tenants arriving at your Dallas-Fort Worth property are eager to go inside and take a look around?

Curb appeal is the answer. 

Your rental property needs to be visually appealing from the outside, otherwise, tenants are likely to pass it by and move on to the next (better looking) home for rent. 

We have some ideas on how to improve the curb appeal of your Dallas-Fort Worth rental property, and we’re sharing those today. 

Cleanliness Counts with Dallas Curb Appeal

Homes that have been vacant or occupied by the same tenants for quite some time are likely to look a bit worn on the outside. There may be cobwebs around the door and windows, debris gathering in the crevices, and insects building nests and settling in. 

Consider power washing the outside of your property. This will help you remove all those leaves and sticks gathered on the roof. It will wash away all the dirt you can’t even see. The result will be a brighter, cleaner exterior. While you have the power washing equipment out, consider hitting the driveway, walkway, and any other outdoor spaces that could use some sprucing up. 

Check Your Paint Condition

Painting is something that’s likely on your turnover list, but when you think about paint, you’re probably thinking about the walls inside your rental property. Evaluate your exterior paint, too. If it’s looking worn and faded from the sun even after you do the power washing, consider a fresh coat of paint. This will immediately increase the curb appeal of your property, especially if you freshen up the trim around doors and windows. Paint the front door a bright, welcoming color.

Dallas-Fort Worth Rental Property Landscaping

If your property has a yard, there’s a lot to work with when it comes to curb appeal. Make sure the grass is cut and healthy. Trim the bushes and weed any of the flower beds you may have at the property. 

A well-maintained yard is a huge selling point when it comes to attracting tenants. However, you don’t want to over-complicate it. Prospective residents will be thinking about the time it might take them to maintain that gorgeous green lawn. Keep things pretty, but simple. 

It’s a good idea to invest in professional landscapers who can make the necessary curb appeal improvements and then take care of regular mowing and lawn care while your property is occupied. 

Exterior Lighting Should be Bright

Entry LightsCurb appeal is mostly about aesthetics, but you also want to think about safety. 

The light at the entry should be bright and turned on when it begins to get dark. Consider motion lights that activate on the side of the house, in the back, or on any outbuildings like garages and sheds. This provides nighttime curb appeal and helps tenants to feel more secure. 

There are lots of other things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your rental property, and a personal assessment might help us make some specific recommendations for you. Please contact us at Assign Property Management if you have any questions about how to improve your Dallas-Fort Worth rental property. 

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