Whether you’re in the early stages of renting out your Dallas Fort-Worth home or a tenant is about to move in, you want to get the tenancy off to a good start. That requires attention to detail and a positive relationship with your new tenant.

There are lots of little details to manage during the move-in process, and here are 8 specific things you must remember before a new tenant moves into your rental home.

1. Clear Out Any Property Left Behind

Maybe a prior tenant left some things in the kitchen or you’re renting out a home that you once lived in yourself, and there’s still a futon from your college days in one of the bedrooms. Remove all of those personal items. You want a completely clean and empty home before a new tenant moves in with all of their own personal possessions. Don’t leave things behind even if you think they’ll be helpful. No one wants that countertop can opener.

2. Inspect for Necessary Repairs and Improvements

Next, you’ll have to make sure the Dallas-Fort Worth rental property is ready for new residents. Completely inspect every detail of the home, from the outlets to the window locks to the smoke detectors. Everything has to be fully functional, habitable, and safe. If any repairs need to be made, schedule your vendors before the move-in date.

It’s a good time to look for potential improvements, as well. Is new paint needed on the walls? Do the carpets look worn and stained? Make minor replacements and even upgrades if it will improve how the property looks. This will help you attract and retain better tenants and increase your rental value.

3. Have the Home Professionally Cleaned

Your tenants will expect to move into a clean home. Hire professionals who will make all the surfaces shine, dust the ceiling fans and baseboards, and pull appliances away from the walls to clean any mess that’s gathered behind them. You’re setting a standard for cleanliness, so this is important.

4. Improve Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Before your new tenants move in, mow the lawn, trim any trees and bushes, and make sure the property looks welcoming and inviting. If you’re renting out a multi-family home, make sure the common areas are spruced up, and check the exterior lighting.

5. .Discuss the Lease Agreement in Detail

Most tenants sign the lease without really looking at it. Make sure you highlight all the important parts with your new tenants, specifically the rent collection policy and the process for requesting maintenance. Invite questions and share all your expectations so they understand their responsibilities.

6. Collect All Move-In Funds

You’ll need the security deposit and the first month’s rent in full before you hand over the keys. If there’s a pet fee or any other charges, make sure you’ve collected the money that’s owed.

7. Conduct a Move-In Inspection and Report

It’s important to document the condition of the home when tenants took occupancy. Take notes as well as photos so you have the supporting information you need to demonstrate any damage later when the tenants have moved out and you’re trying to calculate how much of the security deposit you’re entitled to keep.

8. Re-Key Your Property

The Texas Property Code requires you to re-key your rental properties every time a new tenant moves in. Make sure you’ve got window latches in place too, as well as a deadbolt and door viewer on the exterior doors.

Security depositThe move-in experience is typically easier to manage when you’re working with professional Dallas-Fort Worth property managers. We can reduce your stress and your liability during this process. Contact us for help at Assign Property Management.


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