Strategic marketing plans make a difference in the way we’re able to lease your home at Assign Property Management. We know that vacancies are expensive and we also know that the right tenant will ensure you have a pleasant and profitable rental experience. 

To find the most qualified residents for your Dallas-Fort Worth rental home, we focus on a few important things during our marketing process. We’re talking about those details today.

Provide Outstanding Photos in Your Marketing

Just about everyone would agree that online advertising is the best way to market your rental property. 

Online listings are visual, and that means photos are important. When prospective renters begin scrolling through ads, they’re going to spend most of their time evaluating the photos. Those pictures will ultimately lead them to decide whether or not they want to see the property. 

We make sure to take professional-level photos for your online listing. We want your property to stand apart from the competition, and good photos will help. High quality pictures can sell your home better than the descriptions. The property needs to be clean and prepared before any photos are taken. There needs to be good lighting and all shots must be taken from the best possible angles. 

Listing Your Dallas-Fort Worth Rental Property Online

We make a point of advertising on all the sites that prospective renters are using. 

Be intentional about where you’re listing your rental property and who you’re trying to reach. Include your ad on popular sites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Realtor, and Zumper. Lots of prospective tenants are using Facebook Marketplace and other social media platforms. To get your property rented quickly to outstanding tenants, we have to reach the maximum number of prospects. 

While many landlords and rental property owners can successfully market their own properties, this is one area where working with a professional can help. Your property manager will understand how to effectively market your home quickly to the best prospective tenants. As an individual owner, you’ll have to manually load all of your listings and the photos. You’ll need to put in your own contact information and prepare to respond to calls and inquiries. 

Dallas-Fort Worth property managers have automated property management software that can quickly and easily upload your listing across multiple marketing platforms. We save you time and money, and we get results faster. 

Schedule Showings and Be Responsive

vacant roomAs the marketing efforts begin to attract attention, you’ll need to facilitate an easy showing process. Many owners and Dallas property managers are using technology and smart locks to allow prospective tenants to see the home on their own time. Others prefer in-person showings. We’re flexible. In a pandemic, many tenants want contact-free showings where they can look around safely on their own. Some tenants like to talk with a property manager or leasing agent while they’re viewing the property in case they have questions. 

Whatever your plan for showings, following up with the people who call for more information is critical. Don’t leave messages unanswered. Tenants have a lot of options, especially good tenants, and they’ll move along to the next property on their list if you don’t answer your phone or respond to an email. Set up a showing, answer any questions, and follow up with an offer to provide an application. You want to get good tenants into your property quickly. 

These are some of our best marketing strategies, and we’re happy to share more information with you. Please contact us at Assign Property Management. 

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