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Routine maintenance is a big part in protecting the condition of your investment home and providing a safe and habitable place for your tenants to live. If you’re working with a professional Dallas Fort worth property management company, your property managers should be available for all routine and emergency maintenance issues.

When you’re managing your own home, you have to make sure you’re available and responsive any time your tenant reports an issue. Leaving these routine issues alone will only cause them to grow more serious and more expensive.

Some of the most common and routine rental property repairs involve water, appliances, landscaping, and your heating and cooling system.

Water Can Damage Your Dallas Fort Worth Rental Home

Wetness and moisture will cause more damage to your property than anything else. It’s important that you routinely check for leaks. Look under sinks and check ceilings and walls for discoloration or damp surfaces. If you leave a leak to get worse, that moisture will lead to rot and mold. Those can create health problems for your tenants and increase what you have to spend to remedy the situation. Check your home ventilation and respond immediately when a tenant reports a problem with the plumbing, whether it’s a running toilet or a leaky sink. Remember to clean out the gutters when necessary and check your irrigation system.

Inspect the Landscaping and Trees

If your property is surrounded by trees, there’s a danger that the branches will get too close to power lines. This could cause fires, so keep the trees trimmed. You also don’t want branches, leaves, and debris to gather on your roof or in your gutters. Hire a professional to trim back branches on a regular basis so they don’t interfere with the wires or with your property’s roof.

Make sure the landscaping isn’t creating a safety hazard. Overgrown bushes in front of the house can block windows, leaving tenants vulnerable. Make sure there is plenty of exterior lighting and keep the outdoor spaces free of weeds, branches, and debris. Invest in pest control services as part of your routine maintenance plan to avoid infestations.

Service Your Heating and Cooling Units

The climate in Dallas and Fort Worth is intense, and the air conditioning will really be put to the test. Make sure your cooling system is inspected annually. You don’t want any coils rusting or systems getting clogged. Tenants need heat during the winter and air conditioning in the summer. During some Novembers and Decembers, the heat and the air conditioning may be used in the same week. Prevent expensive emergency repairs by having the entire system inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly.

Check for Foundation Shifts

The soil in Dallas can often cause foundation shifts in your property. If the foundation isn’t watered regularly, it can move and disrupt the plumbing and other functions of your home. Make sure you’re paying attention to this if you want to avoid long-term repairs that are more costly and time consuming. Before you invest in a Dallas rental home, make sure the foundation has been inspected.

schedulePaying attention to routine maintenance saves money and increases the value of your investment. If you have any questions about maintenance or anything pertaining to Dallas Fort Worth property management, please contact us at Assign Property Management.

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