When selecting the right property management company, it’s important to be able to answer some key questions, such as:

-Who is the property management company and what’s their reputation?

-Do they have a website and are they transparent about fees, process  and expectations?

-Can we work together well?

Who is the Property Management Company?

Experienced Property Management Companies should have a team with years of experience because they know how to effectively respond to most scenarios. These responses can include good communication, understanding real estate and tenant law including Fair Housing, contracts, property code requirements, and home repairs with a general familiarity of plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural intuitiveness.

Website? Transparency?

If a Property Management Company cares about the presentation of their website, the transparency of their fees and process, and the back-end software used to run their process, then you can feel more confident they will care about the details of your investment. After all, they are responsible for:

-Marketing the Property

-Tenant Screening

-Rent Collection & Accounting

-Repairs & Maintenance

-Tenant Relations

-Seeking you to get the best ROI on your Rental Investment 

Can We Work Well Together?

It’s been said that the key to a healthy relationship is to care about the other person more than yourself; and Property Management is no different. When a property management company focuses on taking great care of your rental property investment, they are also taking great care of you the investor.

Closing Thoughts

Real estate is likely one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime – it matters! And it matters who you partner yourself with in the management of your substantial investment. If you’re invested, or seeking to invest in rental properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact Assign Property Management to learn more about why they have been selected as a top property management company for 2019.

Article written by Deanna Parnell and John Davis

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