Property management technology, when properly used, can make the leasing, management, and maintenance of your Dallas Fort Worth rental property far more efficient. This is why we’ve invested so heavily in the most innovative software, platforms, and portals. 

It’s hard to imagine what our work would be like if we were still recording income and expenses in a heavy paper ledger or if we were mailing out paper checks to our owners every month when rent was collected. 

We’ve moved beyond that to a management style that’s more automated, consistent, and transparent. 

Technology saves us time and it saves you money. We think it’s important to show you exactly what we mean when we say that technology can be used for better property management.

We’d Be Lost Without Our Owner and Tenant Portals

As an owner who works with our team, you’ll notice the technology we use just by logging onto your owner portal. We have an electronic system set up for our owners and our tenants. Most Dallas Fort Worth property managers have an online portal through which they share information and track rent payments, maintenance requests, and correspondence. 

Our online portals are secure, convenient, and user-friendly. They provide more accountability and transparency, which is important in developing good relationships with owners, tenants, vendors, and members of the community. We’re able to respond to tenants and owners with questions, and we can provide more information in a shorter period of time. 

Dallas Fort Worth tenants use their portals to:

  • Pay rent on time
  • Schedule maintenance requests
  • Send us messages
  • Review their lease agreements
  • Access forms, resources, and information they may need

We are able to collect rent more efficiently, and tenants are less likely to pay late when they can schedule payments in advance or set up recurring withdrawals from their bank accounts. It’s secure and convenient. They don’t have to worry about mailing a paper check and they can even set up reminders so they’re never late. This works for everyone – tenants, owners, and property managers.

Owners also benefit from our portals. By logging on, you can:

  • See all of the accounting associated with your property
  • Track income and expenses
  • Run financial reports
  • Review inspection reports 
  • Approve maintenance invoices
  • Print tax forms

You can use your portal to see when rent has been paid. You can review correspondence we send to tenants, including renewal offers and rental receipts. 

The online portals we provide are the clearest example of how technology can help with efficiency when it comes to managing your property. Everything is well-documented and clear.

Better Communication with Dallas Fort Worth Tenants and Owners

Technology also improves communication. 

That’s important because communication is the basis of any good relationship, and property management is really a relationship-based business. 

Our investment in technology allows us to communicate better with owners, tenants, vendors, and other professional partners. We aren’t playing phone tag and we aren’t deciding things through in-person meetings. Instead, we’re messaging and chatting and coming to agreements through our online platforms. We’re flexible and accessible. This leads to a more responsive approach to the management of your property.  

We’ll talk on the phone when necessary. We’ll meet owners in person at their properties when that’s the only way to evaluate a problem or talk about what to do next. But, there are lots of options when you want to contact us about something more general. Send us a text with a question. Get an email out to us when you’re thinking of something that you need help with. Even if these contacts are outside of general business hours, we know what you need, we have a record of it, and we can organize a response and do whatever research may be necessary to provide the required information.  

Our ability to communicate with advanced technology is especially important for our investors who live out of the state or even out of the country. We work with nonlocal property owners quite a bit, and we can easily respond to questions and get in touch without worrying about time zones, cell signals, and complicated schedules. 

Pricing Your Dallas Fort Worth Property with Good Data

Accurate pricing requires good technology. It also requires good data. 

During the leasing of your Dallas Fort Worth rental home, we use technology to price your property accurately. The rental value attached to your property has a huge impact on how long it’s vacant and what types of tenants you attract. You can go online and see what other homes are renting for; sites like Zillow and Zumper might give you a general idea. But, you’ll be far more successful with reliable data that’s based on what properties actually rented for, and not what they were listed for. 

Our systems and technology provide that data.

It’s also important to compare prices with homes that are similar to yours. If you’re renting out a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Dallas, you don’t want to waste time looking at rental prices for a three-bedroom home in the suburbs. 

Our technology helps us gather good data and make accurate pricing decisions.

Technology and Marketing

Marketing your rental property relies on the type of technology that provides syndication and cooperation with online rental platforms. When we can syndicate your listings across all the most popular rental sites in and around Dallas and Fort Worth, we reach more tenants and we attract more attention. Our marketing system allows us to post your vacant home on our own website as well as all the sites that potential tenants are using to find their next home. 

Technology also allows us to be more responsive when it comes to scheduling showings and following up with prospective tenants and answering their questions. We make it easy for tenants to see your property on their own schedule. They’re more likely to fill out an application, and our efficient process leads to less vacancy and better tenants. 

Screening Dallas and Fort Worth Tenants 

Screening tenants requires a documented process and a careful attention to all fair housing laws. You’re digging into the backgrounds and financial histories of people who may not even be approved as tenants. You’ll need to know the requirements of the Fair Housing Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

Fortunately, we have access to technology that can reduce the risk and liability that’s often inherent in tenant screening. This keeps us compliant with all state and federal laws and it protects our owners from any fair housing claims or allegations of discrimination. Our screening process is well-documented and requires us to treat every application equally. 

We can also screen a lot faster with our tech-driven systems. 

Instead of waiting for a week to find out if they’re approved, most of our tenants hear back from us within a day or two. This gets the entire process moving a lot faster, which is better for you financially and better for your tenants as they make their moving plans.

Efficient Maintenance Requests and Inspection Reports

With the ability to submit maintenance requests online, tenants are more likely to make their repair requests as soon as they see an issue. This protects the condition of your home and helps us avoid larger and more expensive repairs down the road. We’re able to document and track the full work order process, and it provides you with a clear record of work that was done on your property.

Emergencies are always reported via phone. Tenants have our contact information so they can reach us immediately. For routine repairs, however, the written request process through the tenant portal allows us to better document the entire maintenance process.

Inspection reports and photos are loaded into your portal, giving you an opportunity to see how your property looks before and after a lease period. It provides you with peace of mind and shows you how we’re doing while we expertly manage your Dallas Fort Worth investment property.

Transparent and Accurate Accounting Statements

Rental Property AccountingRental property accounting also requires good technology, and we can be more efficient with showing you accounting reports and financial statements.

We can track income and expenses, provide reports, statements, tax forms, and show you anything you may need to get an idea of how your investment is performing. Use your online owner’s portal to track maintenance invoices, see if rent has been paid, and check your expenses. 

All of the information pertaining to your rental property is stored in the cloud. This saves you time and money and it keeps us more organized and efficient. 

Imagine there’s an emergency and you’re combing through your files to find the policy numbers for your landlord insurance. Or, suppose you can’t get to your physical files? Your entire rental property and rental income could be jeopardized. Paperwork in general is expensive. It costs you time and space, and staying organized can be nearly impossible. 

Cloud storage allows you to access anything you need – no matter where you are. 

These are just a few of the ways that technology helps us manage your property more efficiently. If you’d like to hear more about the work we’re doing on behalf of you and other Dallas Fort Worth real estate investors, please contact us at Assign Property Management. 

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