Realtors, we know you are busy. Question: How often have you received a call from a new investor wanting to rent their property, and thought “I don’t have time to fit this in”. OR MORE IMPORTANTLY, your past client calls and asks for help leasing their home. Do you have a referral partner you can trust? 

Answer: Agents often share it’s challenging to put in a lot of work for such a small financial return. We get it, and we’ve got you covered! Now turn those leads into cash with our Agent Referral Partnership.

  • Relationship – Similar to your relationship with your trusted lender or closer, we want to be your trusted referral partner for “everything property management.” We understand the value of relationships. We value your referrals and promise to take great care of your clients and promise to treat them and their investment just as we would our own.
  • Trust – We help you provide a full-service experience to your clients. We’ll take the baton and run the marathon, all the while you’re protected by our Client Back Guarantee. This means we will honor your relationship with your client; they will always be your client. When your client mentions buying or selling, we promise to refer your client back to you if/when they express a desire to sell the home we are managing, or they want to buy another home.
  • Outsourcing – in the same way you outsource your sign installation, SEO, website design, etc… We are your trusted partner for Property Management. 

As Agents, we wear many hats! Kenny Chesney so eloquently put it, we know you’ve “…Been gopherin’, chaufferin’, company chairmen. Coffee maker, copy repairman. Anymore there ain’t nothin’ I swear man that I don’t do…”

We know you do a lot! Let Assign Property Management take some of it off your plate so you can focus on closing the big Deals!

When considering your time-vs-compensation, it just makes sense to refer out your leasing and management. Real Estate 101 teaches us to focus on income-generating activities. For the time and energy spent on a Sale-vs-Lease, the answer is clear that partnering with Assign Property Management is a smart way to invest. your energy and time. This is a win/win to serve the needs of business you might normally turn away.

Conclusion: We are here to help! We want to be your partner and we understand how important each client relationship is to you and how it personally impacts you and your family. It’s our desire here at Assign Property Management to exceed your expectations, and that of your clients.

Article by Deanna Parnell and John Davis

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